ISPO 2020

Jury Meeting

in Kleinwalsertal

I have once again had the honor to be part of the jury for the Scandinavian Outdoor Award. We spent a three amazing days out and about in the mountains of Kleinwalser Tal talking gear and testing next years equipment. The jury consists of some of the most experienced and sophisticated people I’ve met so far when it comes to outdoor equipment. Thanks for having me, again, it’s been blast!


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    Frank Wacker
    Equipment Editor for The Outdoor, the leading german hiking- and backpacking publication.
    Favorite outdoor activities? Multli-day trips with tent (backpacking) during all for seasons, day-hikes on and off trail through out the gear – and all the time testing gear while being out. What’s your main contribution of being in the Jury do you think? I have more than 25 years of experience in testing and comparing outdoor gear, within in industry I am known to be one of the best testers worldwide – and although I am gear freak I understand the needs of “normal” hikers and backpackers.
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    Gijs Loning
    Independent gear reviewer/vlogger/blogger | www.outdoorguru.com
    Favorite Outdoor Activities? Camping, Mountainbiking, Making campfires, being outdoors, watching stars, cooking on campfires What’s your main contribution of being in the Jury do you think? I am an 100% independent outdoor gear and bike journalist/reviewer/blogger and next to outdoorguru.com Youtube is my main channel. I look at products from a consumer’s point of view without forgetting that the gear needs to be produced for a certain price. I always take sustainability into my judgment. And sustainable can mean longevity instead of a total environmental friendly production. When I say I am independent I mean 100% INDEPENDENT. I am not payed for what I do and I don't have affiliate deals. I don't have advertisements on my website and I don't sell anything.
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    Joel Svedlund
    Project manager – Sustainability | Peak Region AB / Peak Innovation
    Favorite outdoor activities Snowkiting, skitouring, kitesurfing, kayaking, mountainbiking, hiking, nature ice skating… but also enjoying stillness, great views and gourmet outdoor meals! What’s your main contribution of being in the Jury do you think? Knowledge of sustainability, innovation and product development with specifics on materials, production methods etc.
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    Piotr Drożdż
    Editor-in-chief | Góry Magazine
    Favorite outdoor activities? Climbing, hiking, skitouring, outdoor photography and slackline. What’s your main contribution of being in the Jury do you think? Experience as jury member, dynamic character 😉 and – last but not least – my camera which can capture all our adventures and discussions in the beautiful Nenzinger Heaven.
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    Karen Hensel
    Editor in chief| NORR/Suston/365
    Favorite outdoor activities? Hiking, windsurfing, swimming, kajaking, snowboarding, Nordic skiing What’s your main contribution of being in the Jury do you think? Judging products not just from a functional but sustainable point of view.
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    Doug Schnitzspahn
    Editor in chief| Elevation Outdoors magazine, Outdoor Retailer magazine
    Favorite outdoor activities? Skiing, hiking, mountain biking, mountaineering, yoga What’s your main contribution of being in the Jury do you think? I have spent a lot of time in the field being hard on gear as a journalist in the outdoor industry for 20 years and working for the U.S. Forest Service building trails and fighting wildfires. I understand what actually works out in the wild. I also understand how a savvy company best speaks to the needs of outdoor enthusiasts.
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    Sabina Widing
    Category Manager| Addnature
    Favorite outdoor activities? Climbing, skiing, surfing, kayaking, hiking and I rarely miss an opportunity to take a swim. What’s your main contribution of being in the Jury do you think? Recognizing that sustainability needs to be considered for every purchase I focus on the consumer’s wants and needs when evaluating a product. I realize that the real needs will vary depending who the end user is. I have specific knowledge for kids apparel and shoes. Being a woman with experience from a wide range of outdoor activities I also know I sometimes struggle to find gear that suits me.
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    Jana Erb
    Photographer | KontraPixel
    Favorite outdoor activities Hiking, climbing, backpacking, horseback riding, canyoning and trail biking. What’s your main contribution of being in the Jury do you think? As an Outdoor and Adventure Photographer I spend a lot of time Outdoors with a lot of heavy equipment to carry under all possible conditions. Good Equipment makes my life so much easier and my backpack so much lighter! Also I have been working at ‚Globetrotter‘ in Munich for 6 years, selling Backpacks, Sleepingbags, Shoes and Equipment for Kids. I have had a fair chance to see how the products changed and developed over time, and what the potential buyer wants and needs. I know what the key features of the equipment are, how a backpack carrying system works and the difference between a hiking and an alpine boot. Plus I love talking gear, developing new ideas and making Outdoor gear a little more suitable for women adventurers.
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Jana Erb
Jana Erb

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