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To visualize an idea by taking a photograph adds a second level of information to your presentation that goes far beyond the written or spoken word. It focuses the viewer’s attention, triggers emotion and polarizes. Creating a photograph that lives up to your idea will take time and patience. Let’s sit down, have a coffee or two and talk about it. We’ll figure it out!

Talking about Faces!

Taking a portrait is something very personal. It’s about trust, about perceiving the very right moment and about respect and empathy. You have to know the boundaries and sometimes you have to cross them.

Don't sell a product, tell a story!

If words are all you have to describe your idea then it’s hard to live up to it. Go ahead and add some imagery. Photographs can tell a whole story within a split second. Keep it simple!

Let's show the not-so-obvious!

There is so much going on nowadays, which makes it hard to focus. With so much information you always feel the urge to be up to date. Allow time to stand still for a moment and take a look. You might be surprised!


Not everything goes together as well as coffee and chocolate.

Especially when it comes to two people working together for the first time. Sometimes what you figured is sugar turns out to be salt. What you need is not always what you get.
Explaining what you’ve got on your mind takes a little while. Understanding and processing the information also does. You may call this an interactive process and as every process it needs some time and patience.

So let’s scrutinize what you need first to make sure you end up with either sugar for your coffee or a soup to go along with the salt. (If you figure you like it better…)

Let's talk about it!
before we get started,

let’s figure out what you actually need! Step on by and tell me about your ideas.


Take control!
Be a part of the decisions

being made throughout the process. I’ll be your guide. We’ll figure out what suits your needs best!

Expertise and new Ideas
make the difference.

I’m equipped to bring your imagination to life. Together we can create something mind-blowing.

Post Production
is a game changer nowadays.

Take advantage of the immense variety of possibilities. It’s possible, even if it’s beyond your imagination!


Think, add, add, delete, rethink, add, delete, start all over again. Think.


Photographs make time stand still for a split second. They can hold on to a memory or show your perspective.


Videos are a great opportunity to tell a story. They add the “little something” and allow you to include more information in a way that is pleasant to consume.


Postproduction nowadays is the one thing you can’t avoid. It gives you a variety of new possibilities with almost no boundaries.


I’m a creative and open minded Photographer and Filmmaker from Munich ready to go set your ideas to work!

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Jana Erb
Ask me anything!

My favorite works from the past few years. Some personal, some for clients. Feel free to ask what ever comes to mind. I’d love to hear your opinion.


A happy smile on a clients face is what keeps me going.

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