Spending New Years Eve up high in the Mountains

where there is nothing but the cold, clear skies, snow and the best of friends. It has become a tradition to avoid the citys and hit the mountains for New Years Eve. There is nothing like a fresh start in the new year.

  • Conditions
    perfect conditions for a winterescape - snowy, sunny and cold
  • Team
    spending time with friends
  • Equipment
    staying in a tiny, old hut we do need quite some warm and wintery clothing, sleepingbags and food supplied for 5 days.
    Backpack: Gregory Deva 70S Sleepingmat: Exped Downmat 9 LW, Sleepingbag: Mountain Equipment Classic 1000 Snowshoes: Tubbs Women's Flex Alp Clothing: As we always end up with a shitload of Equipment I tend to reduce my clothing as much as I can. So I end up with Icebreaker Merino Baselayer aka 2 sleveless Tops, 2 longsleves, one Icebreaker Quantum LS Zip Hood and a Merino Longjohn. Combined with a warm Softshellpant an Arcteryx Atom LT Primaloft and a warm Downjacket and a max of 3 Pairs of Socks and 5 Undies I have all I need.

Leaving on the 31. of December and not returning. At least not this year. Spending some quality time with friends out in the snow, doing some hiking and skiing. Two of the guys brought paragliders. Cooking huge amounts of delicious Pasta in giant pots. The water comes from the tiny river that flows behind the hut. Luckily the mountain is so steep the river is not yet frozen though your hands certainly are. All supplies have to be pulled up the mountain in a Pulka. Only take what you REALLY need. Like Shitloads of cameragear…

Jana Erb
Jana Erb

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