Highline Worldrecord

by Alexander Schulz 2016

Working on a documentary of a highline Project for Volvic with One Inch Dreams.

The Boys rigged 3 highlines in Auvergne – France in Autumn 2016, one of which was 650 meters long and 200 meters high. For there was a storm blowing at over 100 km/h and we were running out of time with really bad weather up ahead, Alex failed at the first attempt. But we did come back eventually a few weeks later, to complete what we started.

You can find the documentary “Walk with the wind“ and Alex’s report on the One Inch Dreams Team Website.

Goal Zero
Power Supply
Client logo
supported us with two of their brand new yeti 1400 heavy duty powerbanks to power up the airplane warning lights and all the light and power we needed
Climbing Equipment
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Stubai equipped us with all the climbing gear and rigging Equipment we needed to set up this beauty.
  • Conditions
    well let's call it 'improvable'
    on the first attempt in September it was quite hot in the beginning and Alex ended up attempting the hardest of the three lines in the worst storm I've been in in quite a while. On the second attempt in October it was getting quite cold already, but this time we were mor lucky.
  • Team
    One Inch Dreams meets KontraPixel
    I joined One Inch Dreams on their adventure and helped with the production as a set photographer
  • Equipment
    pack all the heaviest shit you can find
    ... and carry it up a quite steep mountain. Backpacks: Gregory Deva 70S, Tatonka Bison 90, Tatonka Lastenkraxe. We brought a huge amount of camera gear, for we were producing video. We packed a Red Epic, mounted on a huge camera crane, tripod, or gimbal, Two FS7, one of wich was used as 'action camera', 2 Timelapse Cameras on a Edelkrone Slider, a DJI Phantom 4, which was also used to rigg the highline, 2 handheld Canon DSLR and many, many, many things more. Not to mention the Slackline Setup wich is about 100kg and had to be carried in one piece, stuffed in 3 oversized backpacks each weighting over 30 kilos. (Well in case you wonder, yes it was 8 boys on the team, and yes both times a girl was carrying on of the backpacks. ;)) Clothing: For we spent the nights inside I didn't bother to pack light. The usual Merino Baselayer with during the day, dressing up with a Patagonia Down Sweater at night... And I made good use of my Arcteryx Beta AR Hardshell. As usual.
Jana Erb
Jana Erb

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