Being a photographer mostly shooting outdoor and landscape I often find myself struggling with the consequences of my action. Not only do I and my team travel and access areas and landscapes that would be better off without us. The pictures I take make people want to go out and search for adventure and beautiful, untouched nature. Saying ‘This is a sensitive planet, nature needs to be protected, better don’t go there – but look how pretty and amazing it is!’ has never worked so far. I’m struggling to find a way to justify my actions (Haven’t found one yet) and give my work a purpose that goes beyond the obvious reasons. Any ideas welcome! So as a first step now I’m launching my long term project


*by future generations

I am starting off with a calendar for 2020 and an exhibition at Bosco Gauting opening on 21.04.2020 till 18.07.2020.
As part of the exhibition there will be a panel discussion on sustainable and responsible travel. 

In 2020 I am going to reach out to Iceland again for a documentation about sustainable trekking adventure tourism, as well as Greenland to discover how the melting inland ice is challenging the Kalaallit people and their way of life.

Jana Erb
Jana Erb

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[EN] I'm a photographer, based in Munich, Germany and love to travel the world to tell stories. I believe the world is filled with amazing people and things that need to be seen. I'm adventurous, openminded and love the outdoors. Join me on my next adventures! [DE] Ich bin eine in München ansässige Fotografin und liebe es, die Welt zu bereisen, um Geschichten zu erzählen. Ich bin überzeugt dass die Welt voller erstaunlicher Menschen und Dinge ist, die entdeckt werden wollen. Ich bin abenteuerlustig, aufgeschlossen und liebe die Natur. Begleitet mich auf meine nächsten Abenteuer!

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